Friday, 29 March 2013


Expectation towards Critical Literacy

       When I ask the senior, which subject is harder? Then, they will extremely say Critical Literacy subject is the most challenging subject. According to them, it is because we need to challenge ourselves in thinking deeply about something. Critical literacy is the popular subject as everyone in this college talks about this almost every day and it has become an issue that Critical Literacy is difficult to learn, thus it give impact to junior as they feel afraid and scared to learn it. Critical literacy is a subject that I’m feeling too anxious and afraid of since I was in semester three by the word of ‘critical’. In other word, critical means something that very hard and difficult. In previous semester, I though this subject will killing me, and I have heard some comments and grievances from my seniors said that critical literacy subject is difficult and hard to understand, indeed we need to understand carefully and think out of the box. Nevertheless, when I’m in semester four and I have learn this subject at first, I think it does not difficult at all. As I have started learning critical literacy in early semester, I really hope that I can survive this subject and most importantly, I approximately understand the subject as well as for my own good future. We just need to understand properly and follow the step that had been learning in the class. Despite, we need to use critical thinking in this subject where we need to evaluate its accuracy, meaningfulness and utility.  Thus, you will enjoy and extremely feel excites in learning Critical Literacy subject. 

Money can buy happiness
Nowadays, money is everything for mostly people. With money, they can buy anything include a baby, the illegal cases that abundant in many countries. Even though money can buy all those things, but still the power of love cannot be buy with the money because it is something that are very difficult to achieve and attempt. In my opinion, I believe that money cannot buy happiness because nowadays, I clearly see the rich people only have a few children. Regarding on these situation, it has proven that even though they have money, but they still lack of happiness. Usually, they rarely to spend time together because they are busy with their work. According to the article, money can indeed buy happiness due to the selling of baby to couple that might not give a birth. Yet, from this situation they get what they want but at the same time the feeling of emptiness or sadness still have in their mind as they buy a baby from someone else that themselves did not recognize. Also, they might not sure if they can get the happiness from buying a baby from child’s welfare. As I said before, rich people are lacking of happiness. This is what happens in our country nowadays as well as other country. People are desired with money, not happiness. They are too concern on their work and always think about money, therefore the feeling of loving and happiness are decreased. It’s not too late to concern on other feeling, think wisely before the relationship is broken or getting worst.

          Stereotyping is a treating individual as if they are the same as others in a given category. In other word, a fixed idea or image that many people have of particular types of person or things, but which is often not true in reality. For example, assuming all older people has similar opinion. Nevertheless, the truth is all older people opinion and perceptions are not similar because they have their own differences experience in life. Another example is when someone assumes that all woman drive slowly and when they meet with the car that drive slowly, they had assume that it must be woman. We may not judge easily on people because not everyone has similar opinion regarding on a group itself. I believe that it is something that most people find difficult to avoid from doing. We cannot assume other people think, but we may reduce from being it happen. A stereotype is an attitude that difficult to avoid as it is on us and it has become common to everyone. Even though a stereotyping is a negative attitude, we should avoid from it being happen. Yet, it will give an impact towards individual itself. Despite from that, it also happens between culture and co-culture. This is more risky as it involves different culture. As I said before, stereotypes involved between communities itself. Thus, as a concern individual towards stereotyping, we should change the negative perception to positive perception towards the people, so that the stereotype cannot happen. It depends to us on how to reduce the negative perception toward individual. 

Proposition: Hollywood produces great movies
Recently, Hollywood has become a good highest rate of best movie that been produced by themselves. In my opinion, I’m in a complete agreement with the statement ‘Hollywood produces great movies, but they do not always tell the truth even it is based on true stories’. Based on my experienced had watching that kind of movies which had been produced by Hollywood itself, I think that they intend to not tell the truth because they might want hiding the real identity of victim due to significant reason. Instead of hiding the real identity of character, they also might want to add some imagination that will make the movie more interesting and bombastic. In addition, they want to attempt the movies with the audience itself. For example, Alice in Wonderland story is suitable for all ages especially for children itself because it has included an imagination and interesting characteristic of actor. I believe the children must be excited with imagination and something that are funny and I think Alice in Wonderland story is the best examples movies. Also, they want to attract the audience to influence with English movies as it can increase the audience imagination regarding on the movies. Besides that, if they change the true stories, an English movie will become the main selling point in the world as it is have a better flow of the story and make a satisfaction to the audience after they watch it. In the nutshell, Hollywood produced great movies instead of they have a highest imagination that will make a good profit for their selling.

 Prisoners to get varsity-level courses
         The excerpt described about the skills and educational level of prisoners. The objective for these is to increase their competency after serving their sentence. In my opinion, I believe that this is better way to prisoner realize about their mistake before and make their life are more meaningfulness as well as there are many activities that been held for them. Despite, it will give positive impact on both the prisoners and also country. According to the article, the prisoners have achieved an excellent service certificates. It has proven that these ways are really effective to them as it give benefit to them as well. They had been involved in many activities include of making a handicraft, and the department had earned RM17 million from the sale of handicraft made. I think the step that had been taken from department to the prisoners is good; despite it can reduce the number of prisoners in the country itself. These activities should be spread out to get a good benefit in term of they also have their skillfulness and education as well. In addition, regarding in the excerpt, the department would introduce another project to make and sell bread in the department soon. I believe that if our country still continued these activities, there will have a lot of people that have their own ability and skillfulness. Also, the country itself will make a good profit based on what they intend to sell using their ability to do a something that give benefit to everyone. As the conclusion, we should support and encourage the prisoners to gain their skill to improve our country itself.

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